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Full Blood Counts, Biochemistry and Electrolytes

Our pathology equipment is able to gauge organ function ( e.g liver and kidney) as well as test for problems such as diabetes. We can also test for infections,anaemia, blood clotting problems and electrolytes disturbances.

  • We are able to conduct pre anaesthetic screening, which we encourge, especially in animals over 7 years.
  • We can easily monitor treatment protocols to make sure that there is a response to treatment.

Other in house testing

A small sample of blood can be taken at the time of the pets visit and used to test for a number of problems using testing kits. These include heartworm and feline leukaemia and aids.

Slides preparation and stains. some examples include testing for mange, bacterial and yeast skin and ear infections, urinary tract disease and infections.

The instant results obtained help with treatment follow through without having to wait.

Specialist pathology service
We use specialist pathologist services for more complex cases that require specialist comment. These include histopathology for suspect tumours when we need to know it there is cancer present and if it has all been removed.

Samples for testing for endocrine diseases such as thyroid disease (Hypothyroidism) and overactive adrenal glands (Hyperadrenocorticism) are also sent to the veterinary pathologist for both results and comments.


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