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Further information on Diseases and Pet care are found here.



Veterinary Partner 
Great reliable source of infomation on specific diseases.

International cat care
advice on all things cat 

Inside Cats 
Wonderful information for ensuring that if you have a total inside cat that you have provided all the neccessary mental stimulation

Understanding pheromones and there use to de-stress your cat

Drug free stress treatment for your dog

Corona Virus in Cats
Understanding the complex disease of corona and FIP in cats

Allergy Plants
Check to see if you have any of the common plants causing allergy in our pet

Referral Hospitals:

Links to the veterinary hospitals we confidently refer your pet to can be found below. Your Veterinarian will choose the referral hospital which specialises in the condition your pet has. Not all hospitals perform all types of procedures.

SASH Based in North Ryde and now in Tuggerah is a large Specialist and 24 hour emergency hospital. Both Tracy and Cathy have had their own pets treated in the past here.

North Shore Veterinary Hospital Based in North Sydney. Has some very talented specialists and does some very specialised procedures.

Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) Home to the largest Oncology Service in Australia and MRI facilities

Sydney University World Class Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Gladesville Veterinary Hospital  Provides Radioactive Hyperthyroid treatment

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